His descriptive eloquence reminded me of Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion fame. The colorful phrases roll on page after page, caressed by a 'down-home' lyrical cadence." 

-Pat O'Loughlen, Boise, ID

I agree about opening doors and I appreciated your many accounts of just that. Hopefully the book will inspire readers to go beyond the letter to the spirit of true, spiritual hospitality and open their hearts and souls with each other. 

-Will Wilkinson, co- author of Forgiving the Unforgivable

You have created a warm and vulnerable account of the blessings and challenges of human relating ... Your values and caring shine through and leave a map for other families to follow, not to New Jersey, but into the heart where we are one. -Foster Gamble, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Broken Hearts Open Doors

The Art of Welcoming Others

Authored by Dr. Tom Lobaugh

Ever suffered from a broken heart, felt like you were a stranger in your own home or business, or experienced being an outsider in school or at work? In this heartwarming account you will learn about one father and son's discovery of healing broken hearts. Tom captures the incredible journey of his thirteen year old son and himself as they realize they have become outsiders to each other and to their congregation, and must rediscover themselves as dad and son by recognizing each other's otherness while sitting six and one-half inches apart, eight to ten hours a day for fourteen days, welcomed into strangers and friends lives, while covering over 4,000 crisscrossing miles from Texas to the Eastern Seaboard and back. You will laugh at the hilarious distance between middle age and middle school while being inspired at their amazing field trip into the fascinating life changing stories they encounter along the road of hospitality.

Welcome to a story encouraging you to create positive relationships and a love that heals.