Flying Training 1

2017 Flight Plan and Training Guide

Photo by Robert Daly/OJO Images / Getty Images

Photo by Robert Daly/OJO Images / Getty Images

Flight Plan


Please read through the Flight Plan and Training Guide completely before beginning


  • Stretches (first Monday test vertical height)
  • CORE Work
  • Sprint Drills (2 X 30 yards each)
  • High Jump Drills
  • Running: 3 X 300 meters (90% w/ 3 minute recovery)
  • Weight Training
  • Stretch and Cool Down


  • Stretches
  • CORE Work
  • Sprint Drills (2 X 30 yards)
  • Running: Lob’s Locos Lunges (3X 50 meter lunges, into 50 meter high knees into 100 meter sprints at 80% w/ 4 minute recovery)
  • Stretch and Cool Down

Wednesday (REST & Stretches)


  • Stretches
  • CORE Work
  • Sprint Drills (2 X 30 yards)
  • High Jump Drills
  • 6 X 50’s meters (90% w/ 2 minute recovery)
  • Weight Training
  • Stretch and Cool Down


  • Stretches
  • CORE Work
  • Sprint Drills (2 X 30 yards)
  • High Jump Drills (Raise the bar to your goal height/ one or two jumps only)
  • 6 X 200’s meters (80% w/ 3 minute recovery)
  • Stretch and Cool Down


  • Stretches
  • Core Work
  • Plyometric (Week One #1 and # 3; Week Two #2 and # 4)
  • 10 X 60’s meters (90% w/ 3 minute recovery)
  • Stretch and Cool Down

Sunday (REST & Stretches)

Training Guide

Photo by Paul Bradbury/OJO Images / Getty Images

Photo by Paul Bradbury/OJO Images / Getty Images


Each stretch held for 10-12 seconds

  • Hamstring stretches (hang down, right over left, and elevate leg waist high or lower and foot and 90 degrees)
  • Quad pull
  • Calf stretches
  • Butterfly and Standing Split (groin stretch)
  • Neck Stretches
  • Arm circles (ten each forward and backward)
  • Lower Back Stretch (push up position and into an arch with hips on the ground)
  • Ankle Circles (right and left circles 10 times each)
  • Top of Foot Stretch (sitting on your knees, layback onto your ankles, and flatten your back to the bottom of your foot)


Emphasize high knee actions and height. Lower leg extended with foot flexed and toes up. Upper leg at least parallel with the ground and each are 30 yard distances

  • High Knees (Quick knees; Knees above your waist)
  • Skips
  • Bounding (form not speed)
  • Run backwards and High Knees backwards
  • Stride outs
  • Karaoke


  • Back Arch Stretches (5 at seven second holds each)
  • Planks (front, back, left side, right side, Superhero work up to: 60 second hold or more)
  • Leg lifts (Front hold and Windshield wipers)
  • Crunches for 60 seconds; (work toward 2 and 3 minute)
  • Medicine ball throw and pass (3 X 15 reps)
  • Extension in Tire or on Pit (3 X 15 reps for back extension)

         Build up to these maximums. Rest core on the days of rest.



Head up, Hips Forward, Torso Up, Arms in Motion from your shoulder, Knees up!

Everything UP! Everything FLYING! Here we go!

  • Using the length of the Tarmac (facing the mountains and then the school):
  • 2 lengths of heel lifting and stretching the ankle quickly and exaggerated arms and knee drive and plant foot/ball of foot extensions
  •  2 lengths of bouncing ankle extensions (new bounding drill we did upstairs with good height)
  • Running in Circles (3 X 3 laps High Jump form/Lean)
  • Set the bar at a low height for these skill builders:
  • 3-5 high knee approaches working on where your eyes go and popping up over the bar and into the mat
  • 5 × (3 or 5 step) vertical jump drills (ankle extension, plant foot parallel, knee drive, arm action, head away, shoulder away). Reaching for height
  • Raise the Bar to a practice height (starting height or two inches below):
  • Full stride practice jumps, concentrating on specific body parts (5 to 7 jumps).


(Quality, not quantity or speed)

1) Hurdle Hops (3 X 3 reps over five hurdles) Both legs and single leg

2) Big Tire Jumps (3 X 5 reps) Side to In to Out & One lap to the right, one lap to the left,

3) Bleachers (both leg and single leg 3X12)

4) Box Jumps (both leg and single leg 3X12)

5) Medicine Ball Jumps (3 X 3-4 good layups; rest for two minutes after each set)

6) Uphill Bounding (3X12 for 30 yards/meters)

7) Knee Drives (2 X 10 reps per leg attach a stretch band (again use the 80% rule) to your shoe or ankle and stabilizing your self, thrust your knee, calf, and ankle upward to your face, do NOT bring your nose to your knee)

8) Knee Ups (3X12 hanging from a pull up position, drive both knees to you chest)

9) Speed Bounding (across the ground/speed with quick feet, this is the only speed plyometric)

10) Push ups, Pull-ups (3 X 25)


High Reps 15+ & Low Weight (40% of maximum one time rep) (Strength2Endure)

Medium Reps 7-10 & Medium Weight (80% of maximum one time rep)  (4Power)

It is GOOD to alternate Strength2Endure and 4Power training reps.

 Options for Alternating:

  • Option 1: Week one Mon (S2E); Wed (4P); Fri (S2E) … Week Two Mon (4P); Wed (S2E); Fri (4P)
  • Option 2: Week one (4Power) … Week two (Strength2Edure)

Lower Body Work: Hang Cleans, Dead Lifts, Calf Raises, Leg Extensions, Leg Curls (3 sets of each)

Upper Body Work: Bench, Tri's, Lat's, (3 sets of each)



Weights & Plyometric Training: QUALITY not quantity, 48-hour recovery

Complex Training A (2X)

Squats 10 reps (at 80% w/60 sec recovery)

Bench 10 reps (at 80% w/60 sec recovery)

Barbell Lunges 10reps (at 80% w/60 sec recovery)

Lat Pull Downs 10reps (at 80% w/60 sec recovery)

Vertical Jumps 12 (w/60 sec recovery)

Rest (3:30)

Knee Ups 12 (w/90 sec recovery)

Medicine Ball Throw 12 (w/90 sec recovery)

Bounding 12 (w/90 sec recovery)

Push Ups 25 (w/90 sec recovery)

Box Jumps 12 (w/90 sec recovery)

Crunches 25 (w/30 sec recovery)

Rest (6 minute rest before second time)

 Complex Training B (2X)

Weight Exercise - Plyometric

Barbell Squats (5 squats at 80% w/60 second recovery)

Single Leg Hops (5 hops each leg w/60 second recovery)

Exploding Leg Press (7 reps w/60 second recovery)

Speed Jump Rope (30 second interval w/60 second recovery)

Rest (3:30)

Weight Exercise – Plyometric

Barbell Lunges (5 lunges at 80% w/90 second recovery)

Speed Bounding (5 bounds w/90 second recovery)

Knee Drives (7 drives each leg w/90 second recovery)

Rest (5 minute rest before second time)


For more information, help with this workout, individual time, and Experiential Visualization please contact me directly.


  • These workouts are intense. They are intended for your athletic improvement.
  • Be Sensible and Intuitive and Patient: If something is uncomfortable or you feel you may be risking injury then Consult a Physician.
  • If you have other work, or life experiences that are demanding during the week, or other strenuous activities, you can always adjust your program and come back to it.
  • Hydrate (drink plenty of water)!
  • Take time for Recovery (At least 24-48 hours and DO NOT work out the same muscle if it has not fully recovered). Your muscles need to strengthen and that will take recovery time. Rest is a great healing tool.
  • Icing knees, joints & muscles are extremely critical for your health and maintaining excellent high jump condition. Ice!
  • Stretches are an important part of your beginning and ending of every workout. Take care of your muscles by Stretching and Icing.


Any user of these workouts assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing these exercises and using the equipment suggested. Always use a spotter when performing any resistance work. Always CONSULT YOUR HEALTH PROFESSIONAL BEFORE BEGINNING THIS WORKOUT OR EXERCISE PROGRAM. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read. The author takes no responsibility for any injury that the user may incur and by reading this workout and performing it you herby release the author of any legal liability in regards to these training techniques.

Photo by Jupiterimages/Pixland / Getty Images

Photo by Jupiterimages/Pixland / Getty Images