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Keynote Speaker

For more than twenty-five years Tom has inspired audiences, individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, and student athletes around the world to visualize their goals, set new expectations, and accomplish them. Recognized as an authority on interpersonal communication and hospitality, Tom encourages listeners with vivid stories, humor, and 'learn today, take action tomorrow' tools. Topics like: Creating a Culture of Success.  Extraordinary Life Changing Customer Service. Coach with Confidence, Lead with Inspiration.


Opulence Salon Spa Tanning 

Opulence Salon Spa Tanning 

One-day workshops tailored to meet your staff, team, or businesses needs. Tom will meet with the owner, head coach, or CEO to listen and assess and then tailor a workshop to inspire and equip  your staff to take same day or next day action steps toward the goals.


One the best ways to transform your life is consistent steps toward your vision. Sometimes life get's in the way, things happen, people say things that are distracting and pretty soon our consistency is gone and our confidence wanes. It is immeasurably empowering to have an inspiring wise voice come along side you each week. Tom's One-with-One strategy has taken years to develop and master and is at the core of being an Inspiration Consultant.  Individual weekly times together will focus on your unique next steps toward your goals helping you get to where you want to go. This is where you will be at your best: your courage to achieve your success by taking actions each day and being true to who you are.

Coaching and Training

Hayward Field 2015 Oregon Relays Eagle High

Hayward Field 2015 Oregon Relays Eagle High

Every athlete and entertainer, every business leader and entrepreneur, every board or organization who has a desire to reach the next level of excellence in their career or personal life works actively with an experienced person who will 'coach them up;' inspire them to success. From barista staff to non-profit staff, stylists to owners, coaches and their teams, board members to student athletes, Tom's experience, encouragement, eye for crucial details, and enthusiasm will help you to your greatest accomplishment.


Four week interactive learning experiences designed around a team's need to advance or improve the culture & vibe or create a vision and direction. Tom's relaxed style, emotional intelligence, and sense of humor create a great atmosphere for learning. Terrific for gaining better interpersonal communication skills, training staff for positive behavioral expectations.


Thirty Minute on site presentations tailored to inspire you, your team, your organization, or staff to the needs of "whatever is next" for you. Increases enthusiasm in the workplace, promotes teamwork and positive culture, and enhances productivity. It is like having a personal inspiration trainer for what you or your team may need at any given time.