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Independent Coffee Shop Owners Declare their Dependence on YOU!


As we prepare for the Fourth of July with all that the Declaration of Independence, patriotism, and freedom means for everyone, independent coffee shop owners and local roasters proclaim their dependence on your uniqueness and they want to recognize you.

Ready at the counter to make your cup of coffee the freedom of your expression, these baristas will stop at nothing to make your drink the way you want it. Each independent coffee shop has all their own unique coffee blends and lattes and smoothies that are fun to experience; and if you want to be really independent ask the barista or the coffee shop owner to make you the greatest cup of coffee they know how. Let them ask you what you want, what you like, what your in the mood for. The real joy and challenge every independent coffee shop entrepreneur has, is to create YOUR perfect drink. Try an independent coffee shop this week, or the Fourth of July weekend, and put them to the test.

Here is a sampling of some of the independent coffee shop locations in the Treasure Valley. There is one on your way to work, on your way home from work, on your way to a friends house, or nearby your particular holiday get away. This Fourth of July declare your dependence on an independent coffee shop and order something you really want to satisfy your personal coffee need, bakery desire, or whatever. They’ll be glad you stopped by and so will you.

Boise, ID

Big City Coffee 1416 W. Grove Boise, ID

Dawson Taylor  216 W. 38th St., Suite A Boise, ID 83714

Owner: David Ledgard; Roaster: Sean Watson

Flying M 500 W. Idaho Street Boise, ID 83702 / 1314 2nd Street South Nampa, ID 83561

Caldwell, ID

The Bird Stop Coffee House 718 Arthur Street Caldwell, ID v83605

Java Station  1014 E Chicago St, Caldwell, ID 83605

Imeldas Coffee Casa  2408 E. Cleveland Blvd. Caldwell, ID 83605

Eagle, ID

Café Crane 3130 E. State street #105 Eagle, ID 83616  Owner: Sunny Kim

Rembrandt’s Coffee House  93 S. eagle Road Eagle, ID 83616

Owner: Mark Priddy; Roaster: Rickard Bjerkander

Perks of Life  1540 E. Iron Eagle Drive #130 Eagle, ID 83616 Owner: Heather Allen

Big Star Coffee 94 N. Fisher Park Way Eagle, ID 83616  Owner: Jason Wilson

Wild West Bakery and Espresso  83 E. State Street Eagle, ID 83616

 Owner: Naomi Preston

Emmett, ID

HeBrews Coffee  118 West Main Street in Emmett, Idaho  Owner: David Beck

Meridian, ID

Groove Coffee 1800 N. Locust Grove Road Meridian, ID 83646

Owner: Elizabeth Hoeper

Lucky Perk 1630 S Eagle Rd #100 Meridian, ID 83642  Owner: Diana Mallard

Coffee Studio 6360 N Saguaro Hills Suite 100 Meridian, ID 83646

Owner: Lyndsey Hopkins

Mercato Coffee House  3015 W. McMillan Roan Meridian, ID 83646

MeTime Coffee House  112 E Idaho Ave, Meridian, ID 83642  Owner: Beth Alpaugh

Nampa, ID

Black Bear Coffee House  5687 E. Franklin Road Nampa, ID 83651

The Coffee Cottage  329 N. Middleton Road Nampa, ID 83651

Quick Shots Espresso  716 12th Avenue South  Nampa, ID 83651


Tom Lobaugh

Inspiration Consultant