Mug Shots

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Have you seen where coffee has been getting itself into lately?


With the help of human engineering coffee is finding its way toward our stinky feet, overweight body, and enemas.

An extract from green coffee beans can make you slimmer, coffee grounds infused into carbon woven into your socks take away odor, and a coffee enema is said to have naturopathic healing properties. And I just got used to ordering a skinny vanilla latte out loud. Can you imagine what our baristas/RN’s might have to prepare for in the future?

Welcome to Café Sundontshine. What can we get for you today Dr. Lobaugh?
I’d like the preventative foot odor latte with a shot of weight loss espresso extract?
Would you like that orally or rectally to start your morning?

Adding to our need to be more aware of ourselves and at the center of our cup, coffee drink choices also help identify our personalities. Came across this gem of a poster a couple of days ago and became more self unconscious with laughter:


All jesting aside, coffee has been getting through and to us in more ways than we probably want to know, and at the same time we are happy for what coffee discoveries are made for our health needs, palette, and expression.

Here’s to a simple delicious cup of joe from an independent coffee shop, old school. Cheers.

Tom Lobaugh

Inspiration Consultant