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Root Beer & Espresso? Abso-BlackSheep-lutely!


Welcome to BuckSnort Root Beer and owner and independent root beer brewer and entrepreneur, Kainoa Lopez, who has created a root beer infused with independent roaster and coffee connoisseur Dawson Taylor’s espresso.

Having Kainoa at their BuckSnort venue in the Capitol City Public Market on Saturday tapping this drink over ice and topping it with their homemade vanilla molasses whipped cream with his enthusiasm for life and joy for this masterpiece is fun and inspiring. It’s called the Black Sheep and there is nothing like it on the planet. It will also wake your tired little baa, baa, baa’s up!


We have enjoyed the brewed bean fusion several times and make sure it is always the beginning of every market trip. With Kainoa and crew’s hospitality, the market experience is one of Boise’s ExCCCellent customer service company’s where they Cultivate a long awaited attitude, Create a welcoming space, and Communicate with class. Let us know what you think of the Black Sheep or any of BuckSnort Root Beer creations.

Dr. Tom Lobaugh

Inspiration Consultant