Today is Your Day

Everyone needs a little inspiration to get to their next level of success. As a inspiration consultant and motivational speaker I come along side entrepreneurs, organizations, coaches and student athletes, delivering keynote presentations, customized workshops, and individualized coaching that will make a positive impact in your life.


Had an entrepreneur text me last week after reading my book, Broken Hearts, Open Doors: The Art of Welcoming Others. This is their third business in ten years. The first two were small and successful education businesses. They are taking a new risk to help create jobs and make this new dream come true. She was in the car when an overwhelming feeling of fear came over her. Her text read,

Need some words of encouragement.

Even if you are already an entrepreneurial success and in a parking lot looking at the front door of a new business needing your personal creative genius, we all need inspiration. Life and business can be overwhelming at times and we often negotiate with fear.

Growing up in a house with four rifles on the wall, antique butcher knives and pots and pans hanging in the kitchen, and two stuffed barracuda teeth exposed with a picture of my parents holding the fish they caught off the coast of Florida with blood dripping down their arms, fear was a heightened emotion whenever it was time to be disciplined. We did not grow up in a Stephen King novel. Our home was filled with as much love we could share and bear. Fear however, was a motivator as it is in many homes and businesses. Have you ever seen a sales sales team 'motivated' by a manager sharing individual frustrations and using bullying tactics? The result is usually defeat and frustration perhaps with very short term results and is never inspirational.

What happens when fear is relieved, sent packing, escorted out of our hearts and language? What happens when desire and faith in you take over and set up a permanent status in your decision-making and attitude? Your mind and soul are free to be creative, abundance flows, and productivity is great.

Here was my response to her earlier text,

Open the car door and get out and then open the next door and walk in no matter how you feel or think. Just open the door. The Other wants you to succeed, is waiting to show you abundance, and that your joy is just what this new business needs. Open the door!

What would you have texted? What will you share today inspiring desire?

Inspire Excellence

Dr. Tom Lobaugh