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Everyone needs a little inspiration to get to their next level of success. As a inspiration consultant and motivational speaker I come along side entrepreneurs, organizations, coaches and student athletes, delivering keynote presentations, customized workshops, and individualized coaching that will make a positive impact in your life.

The 3C’s of ExCCCellent Customer Service: Increase Productivity & Healthy Bottom Line


Cultivating a Long Awaited Attitude.  A licensed therapist and minister were joking about welcoming the staff of their particularly large congregation every time they saw them with a joyful surprised, “Where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you. Glad to see you!” So they decided to try it out on each staff person as they walked down the halls to there respective offices one Tuesday morning around 8AM. They had to run and catch up to a few who had sneaked in quietly only adding to the dramatic introduction. A few of the staff were emotionally moved by being recognized, many enjoyed it with great laughter, and several were skeptical and asked in one form or another, “Are you serious?” Most of the staff remarked how it made their day and at that staff meeting they thought it would be a grand experiment to try with everyone who came through the doors that day. When a client or customer walk through your doors, or you walk through their doors, do they experience a meaningful welcome expressing, “Where have you been our whole life!” Imagine what will happen when they do. Morale in the office will be more positive and customer service will be an incredible experience.


Creating a Welcoming Space. Creating a welcoming space at work is a creative way for clients and employees to be invited into the uplifting and positive side of any particular company’s world. Welcome spaces are an important bridge between customer and business. What would happen if we added and created to our Welcome Centers with an inviting spirit making clients experience something positive, enjoyable, and meaningful? What can be done with your workspace that inspires you and those who may stop by? Sometimes company policies provide guidelines for workspace areas and you may want to adhere to it and you may not. It is a great practice to check with management and communicate your ideas as it may open a door for another area in the office needing an inviting makeover. There is a car wash/car engine oil and fluid businesses. Their waiting area is crammed with chairs and near the check out register. The clerk is one of the happiest and most quiet people I have ever met. He is methodical in checking people out as he cares for each person individually and it creates a bottleneck. The pens have neon feathers glued to their ends and when you sign your ticket or receipt the feather moves wildly to your signature. He has two silly trolls taped to the register on their bellies so when you approach the register you see their smiling faces and colored hair and when you pay you see their behinds. It is hilarious. The room’s walls are jammed with memorabilia and he taped a sign over the TV reading, “Broken. Talk to someone.”

Communicating with Class. There is nothing classier in communicating with clients than a moment where they hear and experience your integrity. Thoughtful words are empowering to the listener. They change lives when they are shared from a humble and good space of truthfulness recognizing the client and looking them in the eye. Take a moment each day and center yourself with a few deep breaths and prepare yourself to communicate with honor. Phrases like, “Thank you;” “You are welcome;” “My deepest apologies;” “Please;” “It has been a pleasure,” will encourage positive behaviors that will change the world. Each of you have your own stories where these words and the truth in the eyes of those behind the words have lifted your hearts and made you know how amazing you are.


The 3C’s are an excellent way of inspiring employees and providing a positive customer service experience. When both of these are in sync everyone is more productive and that leads to a positive healthy bottom line.

Dr. Tom Lobaugh

Inspire Excellence