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Independent Coffee Shops in Eagle, Idaho Grounded in Creating a Welcoming Space

When you walk into these Eagle, ID coffee shops the hospitality you experience from their interior design is as uniquely inviting as their roasts, blends, drink flavors, and food menus.


Heather Allen, owner at Perks of Life, says, “The best customer service is a quality product,” adding that, “good equipment, having a local roaster who serves daily freshly roasted beans, and employees that care” all work toward providing an unmatched product and excellent service. Perks of Life welcomes you into a classy quietness where customers are encouraged to engage an ambiance of peacefulness and comfort; like a coffee retreat with a barista who cares about you and the coffee they serve.


Sunny Kim, owner at Café Crane, agrees that excellent customer service is the best way to retain customers after they have been introduced to Mrs. Powell’s famous cinnamon role recipe and to their North West coffee roasting flavors. Café Crane has created a cheerful space like a family living room experience with great tunes, big screen television, and where the baristas offer an enthusiastic hospitality.


Rickard Bjerkander, Roaster at Rembrandts, says that excellent customer is about building relationships and creating a connection. “Sometimes it’s the coffee they connect with, sometimes it’s another customer or a friend, sometimes with one of us, and sometimes it’s the whole experience of this place.” Rembrandts roasting machine has a bold servant’s presence on the dining floor of this refurbished old church and is a huge part of the coffee shop’s eclectic atmosphere. From employee to customer everyone has a unique engaging a story like the artwork, creaky floor, and bold mission statement; all you need to do is lean across to anyone at Rembrandts and you will have met new friends.


Naomi Preston, owner of Wild West Bakery and Espresso, and her staff welcome customers with a down-home-cowboy-y’all-are-welcome hospitality. Wild West’s space is like a country home kitchen that is the center of all things family and whose back door is always the preferred entrance. When the barista greets you after walking in off the street, it is like you have stumbled into a spontaneous ‘get together’ at a beloved neighbors home who has always got coffee or tea on for guests.


Jason Wilson, owner of Big Star Coffee, has a ‘great hall’ welcoming space with two industrial glass garage doors that actually open. Windows everywhere, glass from floor to ceiling, and a wide-open space offers the customer a unique post-modern feel, as well as a warm and personal gathering area around the fireplace or pushing tables together. In the center of it all are the barista’ personal genuine connections focusing the attention on the customer.

Whatever your coffee desires, the next time you are Eagle, ID, enjoy these coffee shops interior designs and ambiance as an extension of their customer service. It will open up your senses to experience of wholeness of hospitality and the coffee they serve.

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