Today is Your Day

Everyone needs a little inspiration to get to their next level of success. As a inspiration consultant and motivational speaker I come along side entrepreneurs, organizations, coaches and student athletes, delivering keynote presentations, customized workshops, and individualized coaching that will make a positive impact in your life.

Breathe. Repeat.

The single most important practice to being an effective listener is breathing.

Good breathing leads to healthy physiological and emotional results from happiness to sparking brain growth. Good breathing is intentional. Good breathing is from your diaphragm and is like drawing on your core for breath.

Taking in three deep breaths before every appointment today will lower your blood pressure and allow your mind the attentiveness you need to focus on the person or people before you. It takes practice.

Our Listening class breathes together three times to start each session. When students are given permission to breathe it fosters a safe space for learning because every student’s breath is valued.

Take a deep breath counting to three. Let your breath out slowly. Repeat.

Listen. Lead. Inspire.