Today is Your Day

Everyone needs a little inspiration to get to their next level of success. As a inspiration consultant and motivational speaker I come along side entrepreneurs, organizations, coaches and student athletes, delivering keynote presentations, customized workshops, and individualized coaching that will make a positive impact in your life.

Being Remembered

There are five elements to effective listening: Hearing, Attending, Understanding, Responding, and Remembering. Seeing them from the speaker’s perspective clarifies successful results: Is the speaker being: Heard, Attended to, Understood, Responded to, and Remembered?

The subtlest nuance creates an outstanding listening moment. Getting out from your cubicle or desk, putting your phone on silent and out of sight, making eye contact, appreciates the speaker’s remarkable individuality.

Depending on the situation, crafting a unique listening space with different chairs, using a candle, or going for a walk tells the speaker they are significant.

Creating a listening event where the presenter feels like they are the most important person in the world values their time and changes lives.

Listen. Lead. Inspire.