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Everyone needs a little inspiration to get to their next level of success. As a inspiration consultant and motivational speaker I come along side entrepreneurs, organizations, coaches and student athletes, delivering keynote presentations, customized workshops, and individualized coaching that will make a positive impact in your life.

You Gotta' Jump

What do you call someone willing to sprint full speed at a bar suspended 5' to 7' off the ground, hurl their body into the air backwards blinding them from the bar they are flying over, and crash land on their shoulders into a dense compacted foam mat, with their knees hitting themselves in the forehead? Besides job security for chiropractors and psychologists, these glorious creatures of human flight are called high jumpers.


It is an incredibly challenging mental workout to believe in yourself and achieve human flight every week.




When a jumper's body and mind are tired jumpers will often run past the bar several times choosing to not jump. Fear begins to creep in and confidence disappears. What happens when jumpers do not jump? Nothing.




When a jumper jumps, whether or not they clear the bar, they gain experience and everyone learns something to help their next jumps be more successful.

As student athletes, teachers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and boards of directors, all of our failed attempts carry the greatest learning ever. Set the bar high and capture your school's record. Design outrageous learning objectives centered on the learner. Create superior ideas for a new business, generate income, and hire people. Take time to listen radically to your athletes and implement enthusiastic training techniques for each of them. Come up with a projected growth in revenue that makes the entire board laugh out loud.

Jump. You gotta' jump.

Listen. Lead. Inspire.   #anhonor