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Almost Shakespearian is an article in the NY Daily News, and news coverage from King 5 News in Washington.

The Comedy: Two children under the age of three with a stressing military mom are creating a mess of crumbs in an independent coffee shop. The owner is also a military wife who tells it like it is, expresses her frustration about having the carpets cleaned recently, and escorts them out declaring that those children are never welcome into her store again. The owner also writes a “snarky” Facebook post and shares a picture of her frustration. The customer shares the post enough to create a viral movement strong enough to catch the attention of the local and national news and causing the coffee owner to remove the post and issue an apology.


Perhaps a viewpoint from what this is not about might help clarify the scene. This isn’t about honoring the military, this isn’t about the rights of business owners to refuse service, this isn’t about the light-speed connection of social media, this isn’t about standing up for who you believe is right and who is wrong, this isn’t about sincere or genuine apologies, this isn’t about name calling, this isn’t about being a victim, this isn't about parenting. Drawing lines in the proverbial Facebook sandbox between a business owner and customer results in press, and this isn't about publicity either.

The Tragedy: This is about both parties missing an opportunity to recognize the other’s otherness.

What happens when we choose to see beyond ourselves and into the life of the other? Service. Reconciliation. Love. This is where we all can choose to be extraordinary every day.


Independent coffee shop owners have the most incredible occasion to offer an unmatched customer service. Patrons who visit have the most astonishing stage to respond with their money, support, and word of mouth marketing.

We are each other’s greatest and most important gift.

Dr. Tom Lobaugh

Inspiration Consultant