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Welcome to Perks of Life!                             


Entrepreneur and independent coffee shop owner Heather Allen has managed the Perks of Life since December of 2007. They serve great coffee, superb pastries, fine wine, and delicious desserts. Purchasing the store from the previous owner whose menu was “heavy on food and wine,” she and her sister, Andrea, transformed their new business into the success that Perks of Life celebrates today by being, “heavy on the coffee and pastries.” A passionate baker, Heather’s signature pastry are her scones. She says with a modest smile when asked what makes her scones so unique, “They’re not dry!” Laughing unpretentiously that she may just have the recipe wrong, she continued to explain with her wry wit, “We make everything from scratch with ‘real’ ingredients, not pretend stuff.” Catching up to the joke by asking for clarification of what was real she said plainly, “There’s no substitute for butter!”


A NCAA Division 1 athlete, having thrown the Shot Put and Hammer for Weber State and played Volleyball for Northwest Nazarene into her 30’s, it is her persistence on constantly learning in every aspect of life that illuminates her entrepreneurial spirit.  Loosing her mother to lymphoma midway through her freshman year at Weber State, healing through a severe ankle injury that cost her a volleyball scholarship, and having the Track and Field coach pick her up during that injury, Heather shares about that time in her life with a wise confidence, “There are no coincidences. There are blessings in disguise.” About her family she says, “There’s six of us and we’ve always been tight.” She says with another heart filled laugh, “The store is the family’s home away from home. Someone from the family is always around here. I love it.”

Being interrupted by two people coming through the back delivery door I asked, “Is that someone from your family?” She chuckled and hurried behind the counter, “Well no, they are customers.” That is the kind of fun a hospitality-centered business generates. Heather’s daily practice of choosing positivity and happiness and really, “meaning it,” are also an important extra to the customer service Perks of Life provides.

Heather's passions are, “Volleyball and coaching volleyball, nature and the outdoors, coffee, baking, and interactions with people.” She is another entrepreneur who loves what she does and confesses, “The first two years were difficult and stressful. I thought one day, ‘If I’m choosing to do this, then I could (also) choose to love it and enjoy it or let it be a stressful job.’ I chose to enjoy.” Speaking of a renewed commitment to herself Heather’s mindset is for happiness and being positive. With all the extras in life that are uniquely grand, Perks of Life takes the time to extend the ideals of contentment and affirmation to every customer with a grace.

Tom Lobaugh

Inspiration Consultant