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Looking For A Coffee Shop On Wheels?

Welcome to Slow River Coffee!

Owner and independent coffee shop entrepreneur Sid Gauby invites you to enjoy a quality espresso; mobile style. Dependable as the aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans Slow River Coffee literally delivers a delicious cup wherever they park their coffee truck.


Serving the fast moving needs of their customers Slow River Coffee is redefining what itinerant can mean for the coffee industry. From creating your coffee on demand and on the fly from your car - to the coffee truck - to your office, Slow River Coffee will take your favorite drink order via a text and have it ready, and Sid says, “We are also adding a feature where our customers will be able to pay for their order on their phones.”

 Reflecting on his twenty-five years of experience with coffee and hospitality, brick and mortar coffee house congregations in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and how Slow River Coffee got started, Sid says with passion about his traveling café’s mission: “All should be able to enjoy good experiences, good people, and good tastes coming together.” Growing up in Boise and a graduate of Capital High School, Sid shares joyfully, “I’m looking forward to coming home. I can't wait to get to Boise again.”

 With sophisticated occasions like wedding receptions, business gatherings, company parties, or corporate events looking for alternatives to an open bar, Slow River Coffee can roll up to any venue and provide first class service, an elegant look, and offer an excellent individualized product. When asked where they might first pull in when they drive into Boise on or near April 10th Sid answered, “Guerilla pop up’s, along side other food trucks, college campuses, and businesses.” Consistent “aha” moments for Sid are when people see the truck for the first time, experience a quality that is more than they expected and usually say, “Wow, this is cool!” or, “I’ve always wanted to do something like that.”

 Giving back to the community locally and globally is one of Slow River Coffee’s core values. Sid says, “It’s a different business model,” where customers see that locally, “here’s where it goes and we want to live up to that. We are really into direct trade, paying a decent wage to our employees, and the proceeds from our tip jar go directly to meeting the needs of community organizations. Most people are more than generous.”

 With warmest expectations for their homecoming, Sid Gauby and Slow River Coffee are happy to drive up and welcome the Treasure Valley to a new experience in quality coffee and great customer service; mobile style.


Tom Lobaugh

Inspiration Consultant