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Looking For a Coffee Shop with Spirit, Madagascar Vanilla, and Afro Phil Beans?

 Welcome to Agape Coffee House in Payette, Idaho.


Located on the corner of the 95 and 1st Avenue South, Agape Coffee House caters to every java and kinship need as they welcome everyone to either sit together beneath the shade of a honey tree or enjoy a stroll through their Saturday Market (10AM-2PM). The staff at Agape Coffee House serves java junkies and coffee rookies with the same joy and positivity each day, every day, and they serve every coffee with exceptional artistic foams and in cups that rarely match. From creating your own unique personal tea service with sugar and cream, to live music, to purchasing vintage paintings or Afro Phil Coffee Beans, eggs, or root beer honey, Agape Coffee House is ready to serve.

What makes this coffee house so unique is the way barista artist and general manager Jessica Robertson, and her mother Lisa Hansen (a Spicy Chai Latte enthusiast), welcomed others in the community to invest and shape the Agape Coffee House experience that has grown because individuals in the area donated things and time that their new business needed along the way to becoming who they are. A place where local post-modern art meets handcrafted birdhouses and the air is filled with Jack Johnson and Matt Corby tunes and the din of good conversations. It is a place where, “all feel welcome” and the staff are trained to “love people,” Jessica said hurriedly to help a new customer.

Jessica and Lisa have teamed up to create an eclectic community coffee house by sharing in the beauty of Payette’s creative gifts, artwork, unwanted furniture, and business interests. The tables and chairs are a mix of estate sale meets vintage-cabin-relaxed and three of the tables Jessica and a friend built from a kit. Many of the chairs are classic kitchen era (ca. 1960's) who had lost the rest of the set sometime in 1980 and have now found a home.

Returning to our table Jessica shared again Agape’s vision with a smiling peaceful sigh, “Well, we want people to experience a place that makes them feel valued and appreciated.” Agape Coffee House is where anything and anyone is welcome; where you can connect and be recognized for who you are; where the past, the lost, and the new are given a unique space to be together at table; where people feel at home with a vibe that their future is good.