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Achieve Your Dreams

Have you wondered what it is like to accomplish your greatest dream?

Hayward Field 2015 Oregon Relays

Hayward Field 2015 Oregon Relays

Taylor, Kolbi, Jenny, and Jordan were ranked in the top twelve of the 2014 women’s outdoor high jumpers in the state of Idaho. They are good athletes. It was an honor to coach them and the other high jumpers this 2015 season. Thank you to Greg Harm and the coaching staff at Eagle High. I'll be speaking of the other jumpers and the 2015 season in later newsletters.

During 2014 Jenny, Taylor, Jordan, and Kolbi maintained a starting height of 4’6” & 4’8” and had completed competitions with 4’10” 5' & Jenny's exciting state winning jump of 5’4.” When asked at the end of last season how high they wanted to jump the next season, what their individual dream goal heights might be, they responded 5’6," and each of them wanted a shot at the school record. 5’ 6.25.”

During the off-season we used a visualization exercise and raised their practice height to 5’0” and kept the new standard before them. The jumpers were encouraged to also put pencil marks around their house of their goal height and feel themselves soaring over it every day. One practice brought cold damp 40 mile an hour gusts from two directions into the mats and Jordan flew over 5'2."

At the beginning of this season we encouraged a starting height to be a bar set at 5’0.” There was push back and concern at starting their competition at such a high height. We talked about breathing and energy. Jordan was asked to compete in her other events for the season. Kolbi, Taylor, and Jenny were our three competitors in high jump. Jenny had a bothersome muscle strain on her jump leg and most of the way through the season she took time off to heal and prepare to compete at state.

Kolbi and Taylor's combined attempts at the women's high jump record in 2015 totaled nine times in eleven meets. Nine meets at 5'6" means they attempted 27 jumps in competition because they each get 3 attempts to clear the bar. Neither of them had cleared 5”4” in competition before the 2015 season and both Taylor and Kolbi eclipsed that height in their first two meets. Just like the champion she is Jenny finished strong and achieved the goal she wanted at state. Several of Taylor and Kolbi's attempts at 5'6" were so inspiring to their family, friends, competitors, and coaches our groans could be heard on the moon. 

The jumpers ability to consistently visualize achieving their goal and continue to train at a new levels is what created a memorable and empowering journey along the way to each of their success. The men's and women's high jumping season of celebration and wonder, missed attempts and getting huge air, exhausted minds and bodies from training and overcoming obstacles, head games and victory laps, gave them clarity of what they can accomplish as athletes and teammates, and best of all they discovered more about who they truly are.

High jumpers offer this important perspective on attaining the goals you dream of.

  • Visualize the Goal and Watch Yourself Accomplishing It
  • Raise the Bar of Expectation for Yourself
  • Elevate Your Behaviors In Spite of Anything
  • Soar to Success
  • Along the Way You Discover Who You Are

You can achieve your dreams and your journey to your goal will be incredible.

Dr. Tom Lobaugh